“Il Cinema in Piazza is a big public library, in which every evening all the ones who live and cross this city get to consult at the same time a different cinematographic work, borrowing it for a single collective vision on its big screen.” The boys and girls of Cinema America

Il Cinema in Piazza

Piccolo America returns to animate the Roman summer nights with “Il Cinema in Piazza”, the free movie screenings below the stars. In the 2022 edition, the arenas of Trastevere, Tor Sapienza and Monte Ciocci, three places of the city, from the centre to the periphery, are finally freely accessible without bookings.

We are pleased to bring cinema again this year in two parks that are so important to our city, sure that we will once again be able to contribute to enhance places where nature is the protagonist and biodiversity is preserved.

Three screens, totalling 8000 square meters of surface, will be animated for two months with film screenings, debates with movie directors, actors, and screenwriters, as well as retrospectives, great classics of national and international heritage and movies for children.

There will be many international guests coming from all over the world to find a direct contact with the audience. This dialogue will make them feel all the warmth and passion for cinema!

“From the outskirts we started and in the outskirts we return. The ones born and raised there, as most of us, know it already. We know what it means to grind kilometres on public transports to reach a bookstore, a cinema, a theatre, a museum, or even just a place for meeting up in the evening with friends.

And we know what it means to feel tight in such a large and populated district, yet so poor in sociality and culture. Thus, we too have decided to roll up our sleeves and try to replace the void and silence with dynamic participation. The experience of the past few years revealed that cultural and social planning does not stop at the organisation and planning of an outdoor cinema, but it is able to represent and promote growth, even economic, of all the activities
in the neighbourhood.

We want this project to give life to places where different ideas of living the city and new cultural expressions can find a home, where we can pose questions that allow us to build new perspectives, where we can discuss and reflect on the future of our city, the role of the cinema theatres and the cinematographic endeavour, of social, cultural and youth policies, of integration and inclusion, of the fight against crime, of the urban peripheries inside and on the margins of the cities.

This is our idea of cultural and social participation, able to promote reflection on the role of culture itself in the process of educational, forming and working growth of young people, based on participatory planning, attentive to the needs of all, on a “ to know by doing “ process, whose fruits shall grow over time”.

The story of the boys and girls of Cinema America

A group of young people coming from the outskirts of the city, after thoroughly mapping the abandoned spaces of Rome and months of assemblies with residents of the Rione Trastevere, the 13th of November 2012 begin a battle to save and safeguard the historical Cinema America from its imminent reconversion into parking lots and apartments.
Two years later, having managed to stop the demolition of the theatre built in 1956 from a project by Angelo Di Castro, the volunteers reopen a small abandoned bakery, made available for free by some of the residents, converting it in a small essay theatre. And thus, thanks to the support from great masters like Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Rosi and Ettore Scola, they keep fighting the battle to save the historical theatres of Rome. Neither cinephiles nor students of the Seventh Art, they begin to give new colours to monuments, squares and outskirts of their city with great masterpieces of cinematography, to the point of animating for sixty consecutive nights the place from which they started their endeavours to save the Cinema America: Piazza San Cosimato.

Many times these young people had to find a new base and face many challenges, not least, after three years of hard work moved by the love for Trastevere, they decide to spread out on the city, getting to illuminate neighbourhood such as Ostia, Tor Sapienza and Valle Aurelia with the initiative “Il Cinema in Piazza”. On September 21, 2021 finally the Cinema Troisi came to life! A unique space on the European scene, located on Via Girolamo Induno in Trastevere, with a cinema always open and illuminated, even when the projector is off, thanks to the first study room in Italy open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.